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Robert E. Howard Foundation Created

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First project to publish book of very rare poems

The Board of Directors of the Robert E Howard Foundation today announced the creation of the non-profit organization to promote greater awareness and understanding of the author’s life and works and to honor his legacy as a skillful, prolific and successful writer of fantasy, regional, horror, action and adventure stories.

Some of the objectives of the new Foundation include the acquiring and maintaining of an archive of Howard’s work, serving as a resource for scholars, actively promoting Howard scholarship, providing support for Howard-related programs, and shepherding all of Howard’s works into print.

Directors of the Board are Rusty Burke, Paul Herman, Patrice Louinet, Fredrik Malmberg and Peter Sederowsky. Glenn Lord has been awarded the honorary title of Director Emeritus of the Board. The Foundation will work in cooperation with Paradox Entertainment, owners of the rights to the works and characters of Robert E. Howard.

“The long-term goals of the Foundation are ambitious. We want to see Howard’s work widely available all over the world, and we want to actively promote him as a subject who richly rewards scholarly and critical attention. We also hope to promote the efforts of younger writers who are working the same literary veins,” said Rusty Burke, Chairman of the Board and President.

Fredrik Malmberg of Paradox Entertainment said, “It became apparent to us when we acquired the rights to all Howard works that the author, recognized as the creator of the Sword & Sorcery genre, is one of the greatest American adventure scribes of the 20th century. We believe this Foundation is an integral, independent part which will ensure that the greatness of Howard’s literary legacy remains intact, and is one that can be enjoyed by both fans and the general public for years to come.”

The first project of the new Foundation will be the publication of a new edition of the rarest Howard poetry book, with over one hundred poems not found in any other collection. The book, entitled A Rhyme of Salem Town and Other Poems, is planned for release before year-end and can soon be pre-ordered on the Foundation website. The Foundation is also planning a release early in 2007 of the complete collected letters of the Texas author, whose most notable correspondent was his fellow weird fictionist H.P. Lovecraft. A volume of previously unpublished Howard material is also planned for early 2007.