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Collection of donated REH works created

   Posted by: Rob Roehm    in News

The Robert E. Howard Foundation announced today the creation of The Robert E. Howard Foundation Collection. This collection will comprise donated copies of the works of Robert E. Howard.“Scholars and researchers are turning to the REH Foundation more and more, and one of our goals is to provide those researchers with the materials they need,” said Paul Herman, secretary for the Foundation. “One large class of information is from the actual publications containing REH’s works. So it is time to start building that collection.”

The Foundation is hoping that the Collection one day will have one copy of every edition of every book containing REH material.

The collection will be located at the Plano office. A listing of the contents of the REHF Collection will be posted and updated periodically. All donations will be greatly appreciated. The application for tax-exempt status is pending and donations are therefore not yet tax deductible.

(UPDATE: tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization status was granted in mid-August 2007. Donations are now tax-deductible.)