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REH Postcards

   Posted by: Rob Roehm    in Merchandise

The REH Foundation is proud to present a new series of REH postcards. The four cards in the series have full-sized, hi-res reproductions of real photos of REH on the front. The back is set up to use as a true postcard, and includes whatever quote from REH may have appeared on the original photo. A second smaller photo also appears on the back.These cards are 4X6 inches, and of an appropriately heavy white stock. The front photos on the four cards include:

Beachcomber’s Argument

REH at Fort McKavett


REH Under a Banana Tree                REH Drinking Beer

These cards are 50c each, with a minimum purchase quantity of four. They can be mixed or matched as you please. US shipping costs are included in the price. Cards are shipped first class in an oversized envelope. Please contact us at for pricing of shipping to destinations outside the US, or if US shipping by other than first class is desired. Payment can be either by check mailed to REH Foundation Press, PO Box 251242, Plano, TX, 75025, or via paypal to 

And a special thanks to Leo Grin for the hi-resolution scans used to make the cards.