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Paul Herman steps down

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It is with great regret that we announce that Paul Herman, founding member of the Robert E Howard Foundation board of directors, has decided to step down in order to focus his time more on his family and career. Paul’s hard work over the past year and a half was instrumental in getting the Foundation up and running, in producing the books and newsletters, and in conducting membership activities. Most of the credit for our successes of the past year is due to his efforts, and we will greatly miss his industry and acumen.Paul will continue working with the Foundation through a transition period to ensure that the projects he has been involved with continue to move along without disruptions, and will continue to be involved with Howard fandom and with the Foundation, though on a more limited basis. We are deeply grateful for all that he has done to put the Foundation on a firm footing, and we wish him all the best.

Rusty Burke


Baum, Cavalier, Roehm join Foundation board

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The Robert E Howard Foundation today announced the election of three new members to the board of directors.

Barbara Baum, who was first introduced to the world of Robert E Howard when her husband’s family inherited the rights from Alla Ray Kuykendall, quickly became an enthusiastic promoter and a conscientious steward of the legacy of REH, as well as a popular fixture at Howard Days. She will serve as the Treasurer of the Foundation.

Bill Cavalier, better known to Howard fandom as “Indy,” is the long-time Official Editor of the Robert E Howard United Press Association (REHupa). A participant in the first REHupa visit to Cross Plains back in 1986, Indy was among those responsible for the establishment of the ongoing Robert E Howard Days tradition. He has been a steady hand at the tiller for REHupa, and brings his enthusiasm for Howard and fandom to a new role in coordinating the membership programs of the Foundation.

Rob Roehm’s energy and enthusiasm have quickly earned him an enviable reputation in Howard fandom. Winner of the 2006 Cimmerian Awards for Emerging Scholar and Best Essay (for “Howard’s Ruin,” in which he identified the precise spot where REH stood in the famous Fort McKavett photograph), Rob has edited West Is West and Howard’s Haunts, both available through, and most recently edited the three-volume Collected Letters of Robert E Howard for the Foundation. Rob now brings his considerable abilities to the task of coordinating the Foundation’s publishing activities.

“We feel very fortunate that these exceptionally capable and enthusiastic Howard fans have agreed to join us in guiding the activities of the Foundation,” said Rusty Burke, Foundation president.

The Foundation is a nonprofit organization organized to foster understanding of the life and works of Robert E. Howard, and to honor his legacy through the creation of scholarships and other programs to advance Howard studies and to promote creative writing in fantasy and other genres.


Mark Finn this year’s guest at Robert E. Howard Days

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Project Pride and The Robert E. Howard Foundation are pleased to announce that this year’s guest for Robert E. Howard Days in Cross Plains will be Mark Finn.

Finn is the author of Blood & Thunder: The Life and Art of Robert E. Howard (Monkeybrain Books, 2006), the 2007 Cimmerian Award winner for Book by a Single Author, which was also nominated for a World Fantasy Award and was a finalist for the Locus Award for Best Non-Fiction.

Finn has written about REH for The Dark Man, The Cimmerian, and Dark Horse Comics, among others, and his “Fists of Robert E. Howard” in The Barbaric Triumph won the 2005 Cimmerian Award for Best Essay. He also writes regularly for The Cimmerian Blog. As Creative Director for The Violet Crown Radio Players, Mark has adapted several of Howard’s Steve Costigan stories for performance. He has been one of the most instrumental voices in bringing Howard’s boxing fiction greater exposure and critical attention, and he is a lively and entertaining speaker and raconteur.

We are delighted to have Mark join us the weekend of June 13-14, 2008, as we celebrate Robert E. Howard Days in Cross Plains.