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We are now taking pre-orders for the third printing of Collected Poetry. We expect the volume to be printed in July and start shipping in August. For ordering information, look here.

We are no longer offering First Class postage for international shipments. We’ve lost too many orders that way.

As announced at Howard Days this year, our next book is entitled Sentiment: An Olio of Rarer Works. This is a collection of Howard’s humor and contemporary fiction, some non-fiction pieces, and a few other items of miscellanea. The gem of the collection is “Wild Water” which, after a conversation with Foundation members, will also appear in a future Western volume (it’s a tough story to place). Many of the other pieces are short, unfinished, and/or unpolished. Because of this, we’ll be printing a small run and would like to know just how many customers are interested in the first printing so we’ll know about how many to produce. The price will probably be the same as our other large volumes ($53 for members and $59 for non-members). The book should go to the printer soon, with delivery sometime in August or September (our printer shuts down for two weeks in the summer). Please email your interest to We are NOT accepting pre-orders at this time. The contents of Sentiment (which could still change a bit) are as follows:

Adventure Tales

Wild Water
Shackled Mitts
Wolves—And a Sword
Untitled (“. . . that is, the artistry . . .”)
Untitled (“Franey was a fool.”)
Untitled (“Who I am it matters little.”)
The Fear-Master
The Drifter
The Land of Forgotten Ages
Untitled (“Trails led through dense jungle.”)
Untitled (“The lazy quiet of the mid-summer day. . .”)
Eighttoes Makes a Play
           Alternate ending

The Adventures of Steve Bender

Bill Smalley and the Power of the Human Eye
Over the Rockies in a Ford
The Ghost of Bald Rock Ranch
A Boy, a Beehive, and a Chinaman
Westward, Ho!
Untitled (William Aloysius McGraw’s father. . .”)
The Wild Man 
The Fishing Trip
The Ghost with the Silk Hat
The Hand of Obeah
Untitled (Maybe it doesn’t seem like anything . . .”)

Detective Parodies

Unhand Me, Villain
Aha! Or the Mystery of the Queen’s Necklace
Halt! Who Goes There?
The Sappious Few Manchew
The Fastidious Fooey Mancucu
The Case of the College Toilet
Untitled story (“Hatrack!”)
The Werewolf Murder Case
The Tom Thumb Moider Mystery
The Toy Rattle Murder Case


The Ideal Girl
Cupid Vs. Pollux
The Heathen
The Ghosts of Jacksonville
Mr. Dowser Buys a Car
The Influence of the Movies
The Sheik
A Unique Hat
A Man and a Brother
West Is West
The Weaker Sex
What the Deuce?
The Mutiny of the Hellroarer
The Roving Boys on a Sandburg
Untitled Story (“A man,” said my friend . . .”)
The Bore of the Cowed
The Dook of Stork
The Rump of Swift
King Bahthur’s Court
King Hootus
Untitled (“Tumba Hooey. . .”)
Where Strange Gods Squall
A Glass of Vodka
The Post of the Sappy Slipper 
After the Game
Sleeping Beauty
Untitled (“. . . the honor of Beffum”)
Weekly Short Story
The Thessalians
Ye College Days
The Reformation: A Dream

Confessionals & Other Contemporary Fiction

A Matter of Age
The Curse of Greed
The Stones of Destiny 
The Grove of Lovers
The Rivals
A South Sea Storm
The Sophisticate
The Voice of the Mob
A Horror in the Night
Pigskin Scholar
Diogenes of Today
The Devil in His Brain
The Loser
The Female of the Species
The Splendid Brute
The Nut’s Shell
Pay Day
A Touch of Color
Vengeance of a Woman
The Block
Untitled story (“My name is San Culotte.”)
Ten Minutes on a Street Corner
Untitled story (“Yessuh”)

Commentary on the World

The Beast From the Abyss
With a Set of Rattlesnake Rattles
The Ghost of Camp Colorado 
The Hashish Land
In His Own Image
The Sword
Jazz Music
What the Nation Owes the South
Le Gentil Homme Le Diable
The Question of the East
More Evidences of the Innate Goodness of Man
Surrender—Your Money or Your Vice
Something About Eve 
The Vicar of Wakefield
Circus Charade


Collected Poetry Sold Out – Again!

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The Second Printing of Collected Poetry is SOLD OUT. Details on a Third Printing will be posted when available.