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Now that everyone has had a chance to purchase the Del Rey volume El Borak and Other Desert Adventures, it’s time to complete the El Borak series by reading how it all began. The REH Foundation Press is proud to present The Early Adventures of El Borak. This volume contains those hard-to-find stories from the Cryptic publications of the 1980s, as well as several other related items, including the first publication of a synopsis for “Blood of the Gods.” The vast majority of the pieces in this collection are fragments and juvenilia.

This volume checks in at 350 pages, and will be printed in hardback with dust jacket, in a limited quantity of 150 copies, each individually numbered. Cover design and painting by Jim & Ruth Keegan; introduction by David Hardy; and edited by Rob Roehm. The book is expected to ship by the end of March.



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Introduction: The Making of El Borak
      by David Hardy

The Coming of El Borak

The Iron Terror
Untitled, “Gordon, the American”
The Coming of El Borak
Khoda Khan’s Tale
El Borak
Untitled, “I emptied my revolver”
The Land of Mystery
The Shunned Castle
The White Jade Ring
A Power Among the Islands
North of Khyber
Intrigue in Kurdistan

Lal Singh, Oriental Gentleman

The Sword of Lal Singh (poem)
The Tale of the Rajah’s Ring
The Further Adventures of Lal Singh 
Lal Singh, Oriental Gentleman

The Adventures of Yar Ali Khan

The Song of Yar Ali Khan (poem)
The Lion Gate 
Untitled, “When Yar Ali Khan crept” 
Untitled, “Two men were standing”
Untitled Poem, “Now bright, now red”

Steve Allison: The Sonora Kid

The Sonora Kid—Cowhand
The Sonora Kid’s Winning Hand
Red Curls and Bobbed Hair
Untitled, “Madge Meraldson” 
Untitled, “The Hades Saloon” 
Untitled, “A blazing sun”
Untitled, “The way it came about”
Untitled, “The hot Arizona sun”
Untitled, “Steve Allison”
Brotherly Advice
Desert Rendezvous
The West Tower


Under the Great Tiger 
      by Robert E. Howard & Tevis Clyde Smith
Untitled, “A Cossack and a Turk”
Spears of the East
Untitled, “. . . that is, the artistry”
Untitled, “Thure Khan gazed out”
Synopsis: “Blood of the Gods”
Map for “Blood of the Gods”
Map of unidentified El Borak Story
“Thoughts of an Afghan on a Raid” – drawing
“Where East and West shall meet” – drawing
Two Sketches found on the back of typescript pages
List of Middle Eastern Rulers – typescript
List of names found in El Borak stories – manuscript

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