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The Brownwood Connection

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Just in time for Howard Days, the Robert E. Howard Foundation is proud to present The Brownwood Connection: A Guide for Robert E. Howard Fans.

The Central Texas town of Brownwood has changed a lot since Robert E. Howard’s time, but traces of the 1920s and ’30s can still be found, if you know where to look. The Brownwood Connection not only provides directions to all of the important locations, it also describes Howard’s relationship with the Texas town, from his high school days to his college experiences and beyond. Part biography, part travelogue, this volume explores the remnants of Howard’s home-away-from-home with photos — both modern and period — as well as pictures and scans of pertinent documents: college catalogues, yearbooks, report cards, maps and more. Every detail of Howard’s life in Brownwood is explored, from his trips to Stone’s Ranch to his relationships with his Brownwood friends. Also included are letters written to Howard from his mother, a section on Novalyne Price, items from the Cross Plains Review, and more.

And if that wasn’t enough, The Brownwood Connection also contains the most in-depth look at Howard’s experiences with the railroad ever published. Every known train ride is analyzed, including his trip on the long defunct Brownwood North & South line. This section also includes photos and scans of schedules, depots, and other pertinent data. A small preview of The Brownwood Connection is available at the Lulu Press web page.

The Brownwood Connection is a 107 page (plus viii) paperback with black and white interior and divided into three sections: “Robert E. Howard in Brownwood,” by Rob Roehm; “Robert E. Howard Rides the Rails,” by Rob’s father and partner in crime, Bob Roehm; and four appendices: “Novalyne Price,” “Documents,” “Cross Plains Review,” and “GPS Coordinates.”

Ordering Information

Non-members can purchase the book at our Lulu store for $20.00; Lulu’s shipping prices in the U.S. are $4.00 for Media Mail and $9.00 for Priority; other options, including foreign shipping, are available at checkout. Membership information is here.

Foundation members will want to take advantage of their discount by sending $18, plus $4.00 for Media Mail or $9.00 for Priority ($5.00 or $11.00 for European shipping) to; or pay via check (personal or cashier’s) or money order sent to: The REH Foundation Press, PO Box 2641, Sugar Land, TX, 77478-2641. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE IN US DOLLARS.

Please write “Brownwood Connection” on the memo section of your check or paypal payment.


Polls Are Closed and El Borak News

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Voting for the Robert E. Howard Foundation Awards has officially ended. The winners will be announced in Cross Plains during the Howard Days celebration. Details here.

The 2nd printing of The Early Adventures of El Borak should arrive around the end of April. To pre-order, look here.