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If everything goes as planned, we’ll be sending Tales of Weird Menace and Steve Harrison’s Casebook to the printer within a week. Don Herron is putting the finishing touches on his introductions, and Jim & Ruth Keegan are completing the second cover. Once the printer has the books, we’ll start accepting pre-orders. In the meantime, we thought you’d all enjoy a sneak peak at the first cover (above), also by Jim & Ruth Keegan.

Tales of Weird Menace

The Noseless Horror
The Brazen Peacock
Black John’s Vengeance (aka The Black Bear Bites)
Talons in the Dark
The Hand of the Black Goddess
Sons of Hate
Moon of Zambebwei
Black Hound of Death
The Devils of Dark Lake
Guests of the Hoodoo Room
Black Wind Blowing
The Red Stone 
Untitled (“The night was damp. . .”)
The Ivory Camel
Yellow Laughter
The Story Thus Far . . .
Taverel Manor 
The Jade God
The Return of the Sorcerer
Untitled Synopsis (“James Norris”)
Spectres in the Dark
The Spell of Damballah
Partial Synopsis (Sons of Hate)
Untitled Synopsis (The Devils of Dark Lake)
The House of Om (Synopsis)

Steve Harrison’s Casebook

Lord of the Dead
People of the Serpent (aka Fangs of Gold)
Teeth of Doom (aka The Tomb’s Secret)
The Black Moon
The Voice of Death
The House of Suspicion
Names in the Black Book
The Silver Heel
Graveyard Rats
The Mystery of Tannernoe Lodge
Untitled synopsis (“Steve Harrison received a wire. . .”)
The Silver Heel (synopsis)
Graveyard Rats (draft)

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