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Paul Herman sends everyone a Christmas present:

The Neverending Hunt is the award-winning REH bibliography I created back in 2005, based on twenty years of building my own lists. This book contains more than twice as much data as The Last Celt. This 600+ page tome includes information about every REH story, poem, and letter, as well as where they are printed, be it book, periodical, chapbook, or other source. I started the website HowardWorks (www.howardworks.com, now operated by the REH Foundation) to attempt to load all this information online. And while those who have managed the site have done fabulous and unceasing work adding more information, after five years all the information and listings still are not loaded. These people have day jobs and real responsibilities, after all. Add to that the fact that my personal lists are modified on average twice a week, every week, and it is clear that HowardWorks may never catch up.

So, in order to give scholars and fans access to as much information as possible, I’ve decided to periodically upload my latest current listings as a free-to-download pdf file. Note that the current version is over 650 pages, and the file is over 2MB. I think it would make a nice ebook to have in one’s reader, to have at hand when needed. Note that it does not include pictures of covers, those can be found at HowardWorks. The same for ISBNs. But the more complete data set is found in TNH. And just me personally, I find it easier to find what I’m looking for quickly when it is all in a single document to search. And regardless, it’s always better to have two sources than one.

Anyone who wants to may download it, and even print a copy, if they want, but for personal use only, not to sell. If someone wants to generate their own bigger and better bibliography, starting with this and adding much more, or roll it into a more academic format, have at. And as I said, I’ll be updating the posted document periodically. Note the date on the document is American style (month-day-year).

Questions, complaints, suggestions, corrections, should all be directed to me.

Click here for the PDF. This file will also be available in our Scholar Tools section soon.

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