“So Far the Poet . . .”

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Tevis Clyde Smith is one of the central figures in the biography of Robert E. Howard. The two met at Brownwood High School in 1923 and were soon writing stories together. When Howard returned to Cross Plains, the pair began exchanging letters and visiting each other’s homes. They both contributed to The Tattler, the Daniel Baker Collegian, and The Junto. Because Smith saved the letters Howard wrote to him, we have a much better picture of Howard the man than we might otherwise. In later years, Smith penned several biographical essays about his old friend and began work on a full-blown biography—sadly, never finished.

The Robert E. Howard Foundation is pleased to present “So Far the Poet . . .” and Other Writings, by Tevis Clyde Smith. This collection contains all of the known pieces that Smith wrote about Howard, contributed to Howard fan publications, or co-authored with Howard. It also contains many of the pieces Smith wrote while Howard was still alive, items from The Tattler, Daniel Baker Collegian, The Junto, Dallas Morning News (one including a reference to Howard), contributions to Truett Vinson’s Lone Scout publication, The Toreador, and the few surviving letters from Smith to Howard, several presented here for the first time. Snippets from Howard’s correspondence and quotes from Post Oaks and Sand Roughs, Howard’s semi-autobiographical novel,are provided to give context.

This is a print-on-demand book–not a numbered collector’s edition–with an Introduction by Rusty Burke, cover design by Jim Keegan, and edited by Rusty Burke and Rob Roehm.


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Introduction: Tevis Clyde Smith, Jr. by Rusty Burke
The Golden Years: 1923 – 1932
Author’s Preface: “How the Stories Came to Be”
Lure of the North
The Last Up
Under the Great Tiger (with REH)
Mystery of the King’s Snuff Box
Letter to Robert E. Howard: August 2, 1923
Hoots Mon or A Hot Night in London
Christmas Wreathes
The Adventure of the Blond Snuff Dipper
Twenty Years of Sticking Plaster
This Oriental Bunk
De Soto
The Slumpback of Nota Dam
Why Wash Your Neck?
Jean’s Christmas
The Powers of Deduction
My Newspaper Life
The Half-Wit of Notre Blame
Cards of Fate
Diogenes of Today (with REH)
Comment on Tevis Clyde Smith
Noted Remarks of Un-noted Authors
Little Journeys to Homes of the Bunk
Letter to Robert E. Howard: Circa Fall 1925
Autumn Leaves
A Note on Bob Howard
Gods in Arcady
Letter to Robert E. Howard: Circa Summer 1928
Heigho Among the Redmen
Comments in The Junto
Red Blades of Black Cathay (with REH)
Eighttoes Makes a Play (with REH)
Rough Love Pays
The Phantom Athlete
Hindu Evil
The Man Who Wanted to Forget Himself
Anne Gordon’s Earful
Fashions in Duels
Brooding Nature of Pioneers
Exchange of Letters: Circa March 1931 (REH and Smith)
Mysinger’s Black Gold
Horns to Remind Us
Letter to Robert E. Howard: March 23, 1932
The Closed Door
Night Sky
Ballade of Some Howard Heroes
Background to “Questions”
John Bourbon
Trouble with Tezcatlipoca
On an Ancient Shore
What Robert Howard Said One Wednesday Night
Regarding Robert E. Howard
Adventurer in Pulp
A Friend of Long Ago
Report on a Writing Man
Conversation on the Bridge
Foreword to The Shadow of the Hun
Introduction to The Grim Land
The Devil’s Woodchopper (with REH)
The Magic Name
New Book Released
Excerpts from “Texas Giant Heads for Silver Screen”
In Regard to this Book and this Author
“So Far the Poet . . .”

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