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The Robert E. Howard Foundation is now accepting ballots for the 2011 REH Foundation Awards. Head on over to the 2011 Nominees page and take a look; Foundation members can then fill out a ballot and send it to our Awards’ address: REHFAwards@gmail.com. All ballots must include the member’s name. Winners will be announced at Howard Days in June. Polls close the first week of April.

In other news, the second printings of Tales of Weird Menace and Steve Harrison’s Casebook have arrived and are in stock. Look here for ordering information.

Lastly, a “new” poem by Tevis Clyde Smith (it could be his father’s, but that seems unlikely) was found in the Brownwood Bulletin for Saturday, May 12, 1923. It would have been included in “So Far the Poet . . .” if it had been discovered sooner. It is presented below.

The Heart of Texas Is Covered By Bonnie Blue Bonnets
Brownwood Poets and Would Be Poets Inspired to Verse By Innumerable Fields of Blue Wild Flowers Which Are to Be Found On Hillsides and in Valleys Throughout the Brownwood Country.

By Clyde Smith [Senior or Junior?]

Blue Bonnet

The flower of Texas:
Most fragrant,
Most beautiful,
Loveliest of flowers!

Your sweetness is equaled by none;
You reign supreme,
You are a lure to the lovers of flowers!

No matter where I reside in the future,
I will always have you as my favorite
And no other flower—
Most fragrant,
Most beautiful,
Loveliest of flowers!

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