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Spicy Adventures – Coming Soon

   Posted by: Rob Roehm    in News

Pre-ordering information will be coming in another week or two, but I thought I’d share the Keegans’ latest masterpiece, inspired by “The Purple Heart of Erlik.” Can’t you just feel the pulp?

Here’s the table of contents:

Introduction by Patrice Louinet

The Girl on the Hell Ship (aka “She-Devil”)
Ship in Mutiny
Desert Blood
The Purple Heart of Erlik
The Dragon of Kao Tsu
Murderer’s Grog
Guns of Khartum
Daughters of Feud


Untitled Synopsis (“John Gorman . . .”)
The Girl on the Hell Ship—draft
Untitled Synopsis (Ship in Mutiny)
Ship in Mutiny—draft
List of Characters (Desert Blood)
Untitled Synopsis (The Purple Heart of Erlik)
Untitled Synopsis (Daughters of Feud)