2011 Foundation Award Nominations

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In the past, everyone and anyone who produced anything Howard-related was automatically nominated for an REH Foundation Award. This year, to make being nominated an honor in itself, we’re limiting the ballot to the top five nominees sent in by our membership and fandom at large. You can help in this process by sending three nominees in each of the following categories to REHFAwards@gmail.com. All emails must be “signed” with first and last names. The top five nominees in each category will go on the ballot for Foundation members to select the winners.

Note: All fans can nominate; only Foundation members will vote to decide which nominees receive awards.

Nominate up to three (3) in each of the following categories for Outstanding Achievement in 2011. Deadline for nominations is February 29, 2012.

The AtlanteanOutstanding Achievement, Book (This is for scholarly work relevant to Robert E. Howard, not collections of his fiction. For the purposes of this award, a book is any REH-related publication which is perfect-bound and over 50 pages.)

The Valusian Outstanding Achievement, Anthology (This is for scholarly work relevant to Robert E. Howard, not collections of his fiction. For the purposes of this award, an anthology is a book, perfect-bound and over 50 pages, that collects scholarly REH-related articles and essays by multiple authors.)

The HyrkanianOutstanding Achievement, Essay (Essays must have made their first public published appearance, online or print, in the previous calendar year. Short interviews, speeches, most book introductions, short reviews and other minor works do not count.) [NOTE: Multi-part blog posts can only be nominated when completed. The date of the final installment will determine the year of its eligibility.]

The AquilonianOutstanding Achievement, Periodical (For the purposes of this award, a periodical is any publication which has a stated intention of being a continuous series of items, even if only one issue appeared during the year in question, and even if the periodical’s length would otherwise qualify it as a book.)

The StygianOutstanding Achievement, Website (Nominees are limited to Internet sites with a main purpose of archiving REH scholarship. Chat groups and e-mail lists do not qualify. To get on the ballot, each website must have updated their content at least once in the past year.)

The CimmerianOutstanding Achievement, Blog Posts (Nominees have added to the Howardian discussion and/or pool of knowledge in some meaningful way. This award is for the blogger, not individual blog posts.)

The Venarium AwardEmerging Scholar (Nominees have never won an individual Foundation Award before, and in the last year displayed the beginnings of what could be a movement into the upper echelon of Howard movers and shakers. You can only be nominated for this award once, in the year you make your first big push into the wider world of Howard publishing and scholarship.)

The Black River AwardSpecial Achievement (Nominees have produced something special that doesn’t fit into any other category: scholarly presentations, biographical discoveries, etc.)

The Rankin AwardArtistic Achievement in the depiction of REH’s life and/or work (Art must have made its first public published appearance in the previous calendar year.)

The Black Circle AwardNominees for next year’s Award (Given only sporadically as warranted, The Black Circle of Howard Fandom constitutes entering a highly select group of luminaries. To appear on this ballot, nominees must have at least twenty documented years in Howard fandom.)

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