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The Robert E. Howard Foundation is now collecting ballots from its members for the 2012 REH Foundation Awards. Follow the voting rules here and send your ballots to REHFAwards@gmail.com before April 15, 2012. The list of nominees follows:

The Atlantean Outstanding Achievement, Book (This is for scholarly work relevant to Robert E. Howard, not collections of his fiction. For the purposes of this award, a book is any REH-related publication which is perfect-bound and over 50 pages, single or co-authored.)

BEELER, ANN – Footsteps of Approaching Thousands


The ValusianOutstanding Achievement, Anthology (This is for scholarly work relevant to Robert E. Howard, not collections of his fiction. For the purposes of this award, an anthology is a book, perfect-bound and over 50 pages, that collects scholarly REH-related articles and essays by multiple authors.)

McHANEY, DENNIS – Anniversary: Glenn Lord and The Howard Collector

ROEHM, ROB – Lone Scout of Letters

School Days in the Post Oaks

The HyrkanianOutstanding Achievement, Essay (Essays must have made their first public published appearance, online or print, in the previous calendar year. Short interviews, speeches, most book introductions, short reviews and other minor works do not count.) [NOTE: Multi-part blog posts can only be nominated when completed. The date of the final installment will determine the year of its eligibility.]

BAUM, JACK “Howard Finds” in REH Foundation Newsletter vol 5, no 1

BREAKIRON, LEE “Arrested Development: The Fanzines of Arnie Fenner & Byron Roark” in Two-Gun Raconteur 15

BURKE, RUSTY* “Gloria” in The Dark Man, Vol 6, No 1&2 (co-written with Rob Roehm)

FINN, MARK “The New Robert E. Howard Manifesto” from the Two-Gun blog

“Six Guns and Scimitars” in Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword #1

“Southwestern Discomfort” from the REHupa website, posted December 22, 2011

HOLMES, MORGAN “Top Notch, Street & Smith and F. Orlin Tremaine” in Two-Gun Raconteur 15

JONES, HOWARD ANDREW “Howard’s Journey” in Sword Woman (Del Rey)

LENO, BRIAN* “Robert E. Howard and the Crabs on the Coast” from the Two-Gun Blog, posted July 4

“Atali, the Lady of Frozen Death” in Two-Gun Raconteur 15

LOUINET, PATRICE “Robert E. Howard, Founding Father of Modern Fantasy for the First Time Again” in Contemporary French and Francophone Studies

MURPHY, BRIAN* “Tolkien and Howard: Still the Two Towers of Fantasy” from the Black Gate blog, posted January 6, 2011

ROEHM, ROB* “The Vinson Papers,” Parts 1 through 10 plus Addendum, from the Two-Gun blog, posted July 2 through July 25

“Sick Days” from the Two-Gun blog, posted March 6

“Gloria” in The Dark Man, Vol 6, No 1&2 (co-written with Rusty Burke)

SAMMON, PAUL M. “Behind the Phenomenon” in REH: Two-Gun Raconteur 15

SASSER, DAMON* “Cecil Lotief and a Gift from the Middle East” (Appeared 7/15)

“REH Splashes the “Spicys” (5 Parts appearing 8/15 – 9/27)

“Would you shoot a brave man in the back?” (3 Parts appearing 11/2 – 12/1)

SHANKS, JEFFREY* “Gouged Eyes and Chawed Ears: The Rough-and-Tumble World of Breckinridge Elkins” Two-Gun Raconteur #15

“Theosophy and the Thurian Age” in The Dark Man, Vol 6, No 1&2

STURRIDGE, MATHEW DAVID “Romanticism and Fantasy” in five parts (Aug 28, 2011 – Oct 24, 2011) Black Gate blog

TAYLOR, KEITH* “John A. Murrell – The Hellbender” Two-Gun blog, Oct 27th 2011

“Robert E. Howard’s Historical Sense” Two-Gun blog, Oct 12th 2011.

“The Blood of Belshazzar: Archetypal Cursed Gem” Two-Gun blog, June 9th, 2011

*Published several blog posts that might qualify in the essay category.

The AquilonianOutstanding Achievement, Periodical (For the purposes of this award, a periodical is any publication which has a stated intention of being a continuous series of items, even if only one issue appeared during the year in question, and even if the periodical’s length would otherwise qualify it as a book.)

HALL, MARK – The Dark Man: The Journal of Robert E. Howard Studies vol. 6

LORD, GLENN – The Howard Collector #19


SASSER, DAMON – REH: Two-Gun Raconteur # 15

The StygianOutstanding Achievement, Website (Nominees are limited to Internet sites with a main purpose of archiving REH scholarship. Chat groups and e-mail lists do not qualify. To get on the ballot, each website must have updated their content at least once in the past year.)


COFFMAN, BREAKIRON – REH-e-upa website

HARRON, AL – Blog that Time Forgot and Conan Movie Blog


REH FOUNDATION (Bill Thom) – Howard Works

The CimmerianOutstanding Achievement, Blog Posts (Vote for at least three, identifying which should win 1st place, 2nd place, or 3rd place. Nominees have added to the Howardian discussion and/or pool of knowledge in some meaningful way.)

BARRETT, BARBARA –  The Cimmerian Blog, REHupa.com, Black Gate



FINN, MARK – REHupa.com

HARRON, AL – The Cimmerian Blog, The Blog that Time Forgot

KEEGAN, JIM & RUTH – Jim & Ruth’s Two-Gun Blog

LENO, BRIAN – REH: Two-Gun Raconteur Blog

ROEHM, ROB – REH: Two-Gun Raconteur Blog

SASSER, DAMON – REH: Two-Gun Raconteur Blog, REHupa.com


TAYLOR, KEITH – REH: Two-Gun Raconteur Blog

The Venarium AwardEmerging Scholar (Nominees have never won a Foundation Award before, and in the last year displayed the beginnings of what could be a movement into the upper echelon of Howard movers and shakers. You can only be nominated for this award once, in the year you make your first big push into the wider world of Howard publishing and scholarship.)

SHANKS, JEFFREY – A former blogger on the defunct Cimmerian blog, in 2011 Jeff was one of the more active posters at rehupa.com, had two articles published, and presented at the Popular Culture Association’s conference. [VOTE either APPROVE or DISAPPROVE]

The Black River AwardSpecial Achievement (The following nominees have produced something special that doesn’t fit into any other category: scholarly presentations, biographical discoveries, etc.)

EVERETT, JUSTIN and DIERDRE PETTIPICE for chairing the pulp studies session at the 2011 PCA/ACA conference and specifically calling for and chairing two sessions on Robert E. Howard.

FINN, MARK and JEFF SHANK for braving the ivory towers of academia and presenting papers on REH at the 2011 PCA/ACA conference in the new Pulp Studies category.

ROEHM, ROB for his work in tracking down information, photos and documents for Lone Scout of Letters, School Days in the Post Oaks and The Collected Letters of Doctor Isaac M. Howard.

The Rankin Award Artistic Achievement in the depiction of REH’s life and/or work (Art must have made its first public published appearance in the previous calendar year.)

KEEGAN, JIM & RUTH for their ongoing “Adventures of Two-Gun Bob” strip in Dark Horse Comics and their covers for Spicy Adventures, Tales of Weird Menace, and Steve Harrison’s Casebook, all published by the Robert E. Howard Foundation Press.

FURMAN, NATHAN for “REH’s Heroes of the Historicals Portfolio,” Two-Gun Raconteur #15

GIORELLO, TOMAS  for King Conan: The Scarlet Citadel, Dark Horse Comics

GUZMAN, GABRIEL for Kull: The Cat and the Skull, Dark Horse Comics

HINKLE, CLAYTON for “Sailor Costigan and the Yellow Cobra” illustrations, Two-Gun Raconteur #15

MANCHESS, GREGORY for Solomon Kane: Red Shadows, Dark Horse Comics

PETERS, MICHAEL L. for the cover of Two-Gun Raconteur #15

SCOTT, GREG for “El Borak: The Incident at Hakim’s Rest,” in Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword #2, Dark Horse Comics

WATKISS, JOHN for illustrations in Sword Woman and Other Historical Adventures, published by Del Rey

The Black Circle Award Lifetime Achievement (Given only sporadically as warranted, The Black Circle of Howard Fandom constitutes entering a highly select group of luminaries. To appear on this ballot, nominees must have at least twenty documented years in Howard fandom and receive at least 25% of all votes cast in a past year nominating cycle. The resulting nominees are put on the ballot for a winner-take-all vote. In years where no one has earned a place on the ballot, no award is given. Awards given posthumously will go to the Robert E. Howard Museum in Cross Plains, Texas.)



Nominees: The Black Circle Award 2013 — Nominees for next year’s Award (Use your votes here to nominate people for next year’s Black Circle Award ballot. All nominees who get at least 25% of this nominating vote will appear on the final ballot next year. Once someone gets onto the Black Circle ballot they are removed from the nominating list below, and they remain on the final winner-take-all ballot above from then on, until they either win or stand alone on the ballot and fail a 60% approve vote, in which case they are bumped back down to the nominating ballot for possible reappraisal in future years. Anyone on the below ballot who gets no nominating votes in a given year is removed from the ballot until such time as a Foundation voter casts a write-in vote for them again.)



De CAMP, LYON SPRAGUE (posthumous)


LOVING, BILLIE RUTH (posthumous)


WAGNER, KARL EDWARD (posthumous)

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