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Coming Attractions

   Posted by: Rob Roehm    in Merchandise, News

It’s been a while since our website was updated, so I thought I’d better post something just so everyone knows that we’re still here. The Foundation’s Board of Directors (mostly Paul Herman) have been keeping busy sorting through Glenn Lord’s vast collection of Robert E. Howard material. Many previously unknown items have been discovered, including the drawing above, though nothing earth shattering (no previously unknown Conan novels). Foundation members can look forward to some great stuff in future Newsletters.

In other news, all pre-orders and orders for Adventures in Science Fantasy have been shipped and should have been received by now. With the exception of Collected Poetry, all of the volumes pictured as you scroll down the right side of the page are available for purchase. We’ve only got two or three copies of Collected Letters volume 1 left, so if anyone wants a complete set, they’d better act soon.

We’ve got lots of volumes in the works, including several volumes of Boxing Stories, Western Stories, and a collection of Howard’s autobiographical work (including the novel Post Oaks and Sand Roughs), but the book closest to publication is entitled Pirate Treasury. This will include the first book publication of the Malachi Grim version of “Blades of the Brotherhood” (our Legacy Circle members received a facsimile copy of this story in 2007). It will also include the world premiere of the incomplete, untitled story that begins “Help! Help! They’re murderin’ me!” This story is listed in The Last Celt but was not located until very recently, well after the publication of The Last of the Trunk. There are other goodies included as well, all items taken from Howard’s original typescripts or manuscripts. Contents listed below (subject to change):

Pirate Treasury

The Pirate (verse)
A Pirate Remembers (verse)
A Buccaneer Speaks (verse)
The Isle of Pirates Doom
A Song of the Anchor Chain (verse)
Blades of the Brotherhood
Buccaneer Treasure (verse)
Swords of the Red Brotherhood 
Flint’s Passing (verse)
Black Vulmea’s Vengeance
A Dying Pirate Speaks of Treasure (verse)


List of Names (The Treasure of Henry Morgan)
The Treasure of Henry Morgan
Untitled, “So there I was . . .”
Untitled, “Help! Help! . . .”
Untitled Synopsis (The Shadow in the Well)
The Shadow in the Well—unfinished draft


A Pirut Story
Bill Boozy was a pirate bold (verse)
At the Inn of the Gory Dagger (verse)