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Shamefaced Correction

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Well, it was bound to happen eventually. In the rush to get Back to School published, I accidentally loaded the wrong PDF to Lulu. As a result, four REH Foundation members and 12 non-members will be or have received a copy with three pages and a few notes missing. The first missing page is the third part of “Latin Examination” April 15, 1921. This is page 120 in the final document.  This insertion moved all pages numbers from the previous 120 through 215 up one. In the old PDF, pages 215 and 216 were identical; in the correct PDF, one of those pages has been removed, so the page numbering is the same after 216. The missing page is provided below:

0117a Latin






The other two missing pages are “Stray Pages” of math scratch work and appear on the new PDF at pages 440 and 441. This moves the start of “Literature Text Book” to 442. These missing pages are below. I’ll be contacting the Foundation members who will be receiving the wrong book shortly. For the 12 people who ordered direct from Lulu, if they are interested in receiving the revised edition, send an email to We’ll ask for you to send us the old book, and then we’ll get the new one to you.









Pirate Adventures

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UPDATE: This collection is now available.


The REH Foundation Press is proud to present Pirate Adventures. This volume checks in at 257 pages, and will be printed in hardback with dust jacket, in a limited quantity of 200 copies, each individually numbered. Cover art by Tom Gianni and introduction by yours truly. The book is expected to ship by the end of January or early February 2013. Order yours today.


Pirate Adventures is $36 for REHF Premium members, $40 for Regular members and non-members (all prices in US dollars) plus shipping. (How to become a member? See here.)

Shipping (rates updated as of 10/14/09)

Shipping options are

Domestic via USPS Priority, $9
Domestic via USPS Book Rate, $3
Canada via Global Priority, $33
Australia via Global Priority, $46
Europe via Global Priority, $46

Purchasing more than one book? For combined shipping prices, click here.

Insurance to any US location is $2 extra. For international shipments (including Canada), insurance is not available for 1st Class, but is automatically included in Global Priority. All books will be securely packed. REH FOUNDATION PRESS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS BY THE POST OFFICE. PURCHASE INSURANCE IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO TAKE THE RISK. Those wishing to ship via some other carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc.) will need to contact us at to make arrangements and determine costs.

Ordering and payment

To order, pay directly via PayPal to, via check (personal or cashier’s) or money order sent to: The REH Foundation Press, PO Box 2641, Sugar Land, TX, 77478-2641. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE IN US DOLLARS. Be sure that all the necessary shipping information is included and accurate, and that the total price includes correct shipping and insurance (if wanted). NO FOREIGN MONEY ORDERS.

Books will not be shipped prior to checks clearing the bank. If you have any questions or comments regarding pricing or shipping, please contact us at


If you desire a specific number, please notify us with your order, and we will do our best to accommodate your preference. Those not requesting specific numbers will receive lowest numbers available. Those wishing to obtain numbers to match other REHFP volumes they have purchased should let us know as soon as possible.



Introduction by Rob Roehm

The Pirate (v)
A Pirate Remembers (v)
A Buccaneer Speaks (v)
The Isle of Pirate’s Doom
A Song of the Anchor Chain (v)
Blades of the Brotherhood (Malachi Grim version)
Buccaneer Treasure (v)
Swords of the Red Brotherhood
Flint’s Passing (v)
Black Vulmea’s Vengeance
A Dying Pirate Speaks of Treasure (v)

List of Names (The Treasure of Henry Morgan)
The Treasure of Henry Morgan (unfinished, with previously unpublished draft page)
Untitled, “So there I was . . .” (unfinished)
Untitled, “Help! Help! . . .” (unfinished, previously unpublished)
Untitled Synopsis (The Shadow in the Well)
The Shadow in the Well (unfinished draft)

A Pirut Story
Bill Boozy was a pirate bold (v)
At the Inn of the Gory Dagger (v)


Back to School

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Now available: Back to School by Robert E. Howard. This volume presents, in black and white facsimile, all of the known, surviving school work of the author from Cross Plains, most of it never before published. Includes work from English, History, Biology, Geometry, Physics, and more. This soft cover book measures 8.5 X 11 and has 450 pages, with introduction by Rob Roehm.

NOTICE: No transcriptions are included, and Howard’s handwriting can be difficult to decipher (see sample below). Howard scholars and true fanatics are the intended audience for this collection. A small preview is available here.

To Order: Non members and Regular members can order the book at our Lulu Storefront for $30 plus shipping. Foundation Premium members can take advantage of their discount by sending $27, plus $4.50 for media mail or $9 for priority (Lulu rates), to paypal. Overseas orders should inquire about shipping costs ( To order, pay directly via PayPal to, via check (personal or cashier’s) or money order sent to: The REH Foundation Press, PO Box 2641, Sugar Land, TX, 77478-2641. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE IN US DOLLARS. Be sure that all the necessary shipping information is included and accurate, and that the total price includes correct shipping and insurance (if wanted). NO FOREIGN MONEY ORDERS.

Combined shipping is only available with our other Lulu books, not the limited hard covers.


A Note on the Text

Introduction by Rob Roehm

Cross Plains High School 1920-21: Schedule of Classes; Samuel Taylor Coleridge – Oct. 9, 1920; A Twentieth-Century Rip Van Winkle – Oct. 13, 1920; The Ancient Mariner – Oct. 15, 1920; The Punishment of the Ancient Mariner – Oct. 20, 1920; The Ghosts of Jacksonville – Nov. 3, 1920; Money Thrift, Time Thrift, Health Thrift – Nov. 17, 1920; A Boy, a Beehive, and a Chinaman – Dec. 1, 1920; Caius Cassius Longinus – Dec. 7, 1920; Marcus Junius Brutus – Dec. 8, 1920; Pictures in the Fire – 1921; The Value of Athletics to the School – Jan. 12, 1921; Mr. Dowser Buys a Car – Jan. 26, 1921; Sir Launfal (1) – Jan. 27, 1921; Parody (v) – Jan. 28, 1921; Sir Launfal (2) – Feb. 4, 1921; A Faithful Servant – Feb. 9, 1921; Vision of Sir Launfal – Feb. 14, 1921; Latin Notes – Feb. 18, 1921; The Lady of the Lake: Synopsis – Feb. 24, 1921; James-Fitz-James, Knight of Snowdown – Feb. 25, 1921; A South Sea Storm – March 2, 1921; Christmas Carol – March 4, 1921; Washington’s Farewell Address – March 14, 1921; The Man Without a Country – March 21, 1921; Ichabod Crane – March 30, 1921; Lessons Taught to the Great Stone Face – April 5, 1921; Silas Marner – April 7, 1921; Latin Examination – April 15, 1921

Cross Plains High School 1921-22: English Notes – Sept. 29, 1921; Physics Notes – Sept. 29, 1921; Geometry (1) – Sept. 20, 1921; American Literature – Oct. 26, 1921; Geometry (2) – Oct. 27, 1921; Physics – Oct. 31, 1921; Over the Rockies in a Ford – Nov. 15, 1921; The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Nov. 15, 1921; Written Examination – Nov. 18, 1921; American History – November 21, 1921; Geometry (3) – Nov. 22, 1921; An Autobiography – Nov. 29, 1921; The Ghost of Bald Rock Ranch – Dec. 13, 1921; American Literature Notes – Dec. 14, 1921; History of American Literature – Sept. 14, 1921-Dec. 16, 1921; American History (2) – Jan. 10, 1922; Geometry (4) – Jan. 18, 1922; Some People Who Have Had Influence Over Me – Feb. 7, 1922; L’Allegro – Feb. 14, 1922; Il’Penseroso – Feb. 14, 1922; Geometry (5) – Feb. 24, 1922; Cricket on the Hearth – March 2, 1922; History Examination – March 2, 1922; Macbeth – March 10, 1922; Geometry: Monthly Examination – March 24, 1922; English Class No. 3: Monthly Examination – March 28, 1922; Theorem – March 30, 1922; Ten Minutes on a Street Corner – undated; Biology Notebook: Problem I, Common Elements;  Problem XXV, The Paramecium;  Problem XXVII, The Earthworm;  Problem XXIX, The Crayfish;  Problem XXX, The Grasshopper;  Problem XXXII, Amphibia;  Problem XLIV, Experimentia;  Problem XLVIII, A Fish

Brownwood High School 1922-23: A Fishing Trip – Oct. 6, 1922; She Stoops to Conquer – Oct. 23, 1922; West Is West – pre-Dec. 1922; The Vicar of Wakefield – undated; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – undated; Oliver Goldsmith, Outline – undated; The Characters of the Deserted Village – undated; English Notes: Romanticism – undated; Literature Notes: “The fight with Grendel” – undated

Miscellanea: Friends – undated; The Wings of the Bat – undated, missing first page; William Shakespeare Notes – undated; Drama – undated; Othello – undated; Outside Notes: Versification – undated; Adventures in Arabia – undated; Symbolism for Correction – undated; “Golden Hope” Christmas, draft – pre-Dec. 1922; The Sea (v), draft – pre-May 1923; Stray Papers (Physics, Trigonometry, math scratch); Literature Text Book

Sample Page: Sample


Coming Soon

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