Shamefaced Correction

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Well, it was bound to happen eventually. In the rush to get Back to School published, I accidentally loaded the wrong PDF to Lulu. As a result, four REH Foundation members and 12 non-members will be or have received a copy with three pages and a few notes missing. The first missing page is the third part of “Latin Examination” April 15, 1921. This is page 120 in the final document.  This insertion moved all pages numbers from the previous 120 through 215 up one. In the old PDF, pages 215 and 216 were identical; in the correct PDF, one of those pages has been removed, so the page numbering is the same after 216. The missing page is provided below:

0117a Latin






The other two missing pages are “Stray Pages” of math scratch work and appear on the new PDF at pages 440 and 441. This moves the start of “Literature Text Book” to 442. These missing pages are below. I’ll be contacting the Foundation members who will be receiving the wrong book shortly. For the 12 people who ordered direct from Lulu, if they are interested in receiving the revised edition, send an email to info@rehfoundation.org. We’ll ask for you to send us the old book, and then we’ll get the new one to you.








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