Fists of Iron

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[UPDATE: This collection is now available.]

The REH Foundation Press is proud to present Fists of Iron, the first volume of a four-volume series that presents the Collected Boxing Fiction of Robert E. Howard. The first round measures in at 420 pages, and will be printed in hardback with dust jacket, in a limited quantity of 200 copies, each individually numbered. Cover art by Tom Gianni and introduction by Christopher Gruber. The book is expected to ship by the end of May or early June 2013. Other volumes will follow as their covers are completed. Order yours today.

Price and Numbering

To guarantee that you receive volumes with the same number, order the complete set. Members pay $165, plus shipping; non-members pay $182, plus shipping.

If ordering one at a time, we cannot guarantee that volume numbers will match (we will, of course, hold used numbers as long as possible). The price for Volume 1, the largest book in the collection, is $45 for REHF Premium members, $50 for Regular members and non-members, plus shipping. Volumes 2 through 4 are somewhat smaller, and cost $40 apiece for Premium REHF members, $44 apiece for Regular members and non-members. (How to become a member? See here.)

Shipping (rates updated as of 04/30/13)

If ordering only one book, include one of the following shipping costs:

Domestic via USPS Priority: $9
Domestic via USPS Book Rate: $3
Canada via Global Priority: $33
Australia via Global Priority: $46
Europe via Global Priority: $46

If ordering all four books, to have them sent one at a time as they are completed, include the following shipping costs:

Domestic via USPS Priority: $36
Domestic via USPS Book Rate: $12
Canada via Global Priority: $92
Australia via Global Priority: $132
Europe via Global Priority: $132

If ordering all four books and you don’t mind waiting to have them sent all in one package when they are all published, include the following shipping cost:

Flat-Rate Priority in U.S.A. = $13.00 Flat-Rate Priority to Canada = $40.95 Flat-Rate Priority to Australia = $59.95 Flat-Rate Priority to Europe = $59.95 Flat-Rate Priority to UK = $59.95

Insurance to any US location is $2 extra when shipping a single book, or $3.05 for the set. For international shipments (including Canada), insurance is not available for 1st Class, but is automatically included in Global Priority; insurance on Flat-Rate Priority (for the set) is an additional $4.75. All books will be securely packed. REH FOUNDATION PRESS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS BY THE POST OFFICE. PURCHASE INSURANCE IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO TAKE THE RISK. Those wishing to ship via some other carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc.) will need to contact us at info@rehfoundation.org to make arrangements and determine costs.

Ordering and payment

To order, pay directly via PayPal at their website, www.paypal.com. Send the appropriate amount to paypal@rehfpress.com. Be sure to include a note explaining your order and shipping option. To order via check (personal or cashier’s) or money order send to: The REH Foundation Press, PO Box 2641, Sugar Land, TX, 77478-2641. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE IN US DOLLARS. Be sure that all the necessary shipping information is included and accurate, and that the total price includes correct shipping and insurance (if wanted). NO FOREIGN MONEY ORDERS. Books will not be shipped prior to checks clearing the bank. If you have any questions or comments regarding pricing or shipping, please contact us at info@rehfoundation.org.


If you desire a specific number, please notify us with your order, and we will do our best to accommodate your preference. Those not requesting specific numbers will receive lowest numbers available. Those wishing to obtain numbers to match other REHFP volumes they have purchased should let us know as soon as possible.


Introduction: “The Brute Eternal,” by Christopher Gruber

Fists of Iron

The Spirit of Tom Molyneaux
Double Cross
The Weeping Willow
The Right Hook
The Voice of Doom
Crowd Horror
Iron Men
The Mark of a Bloody Hand
They Always Come Back
The Trail of the Snake


Kid Lavigne is Dead
Aw Come on and Fight!
The Cooling of Spike McRue
Fables for Little Folks
The Champ
Slugger’s Vow
In the Ring
Untitled (And Dempsey climbed into the ring)
Untitled (They matched me up that night)
Down the Ages
John L. Sullivan
Jack Dempsey
Untitled (We are the duckers of crosses)
Untitled (All the crowd)
When you Were a Set-up and I Was a Ham

Early Tales, Variants and Fragments

The Spirit of Brian Boru
A Man of Peace
The Atavist (unfinished)
Cupid vs. Pollux
The Spirit of Tom Molyneaux (alternate version)
Untitled fragment (I had just hung…)
The Ferocious Ape” (fragment)
Untitled fragment (Spike Morissey…)
Untitled fragment (The tale has always been…)
The Ghost Behind the Gloves (fragment)
Lobo Volante (fragment)
Night Encounter (incomplete)
The Folly of Conceit (unfinished)
Iron Men (first version)


Dula Due to be Champion
The Punch
Men of Iron

Odds and Ends

Untitled document, incomplete, perhaps from an essay
Jeffries Versus Dempsey
Misto Dempsey
The Funniest Bout
Boxing material from Howard’s self-published The Right Hook


“The Lord of the Ring” (part 1), by Patrice Louinet

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