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Every once in a while, when comparing a text to Howard’s typescript or looking into historical documents or publications, some interesting little item pops up: a transcription error, a new line of poetry, a previously unrecorded factoid. If the item is significant enough, we’ll usually announce it somewhere, or write it up in our Newsletter, but what about all those other, little things?

Starting this week, and from time to time as they occur, we’ll be posting these little curiosities to our Facebook page. The first installment features a new line discovered in Howard’s “The Wandering Years.” And we’ve got several items related to the poetry lined up for the weeks to come.

That’s right, Howard fanatics, previously unpublished Robert E. Howard, lines and words of it, will appear here: https://www.facebook.com/REH.Foundation. No membership required; all you have to do is like us.

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