Pictures in the Fire

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The REH Foundation Press is proud to present Pictures in the Fire. This volume collects the remaining weird fiction, as well as various other items that have not previously been published by either Del Rey or REHFP. All stories and poetry have been restored to the original text, where available. A large number of works in this volume will be making their debut in a mass market publication, including many first referenced in Glenn Lord’s The Last Celt more than 40 years ago.

This volume checks in at 452 pages, and will be printed in hardback with dust jacket, in a limited quantity of 200 copies, each individually numbered. Cover art by Bill “Indy” Cavalier; edited and with an introduction by Paul Herman. This collection will make its debut at Howard Days 2018, in Cross Plains, Texas. Pre-order yours today!


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Finding a Home, introduction by Paul Herman

Complete Stories

“For the Love of Barbara Allen”
Two Against Tyre
The Voice of El-Lil
Spear and Fang
Black Canaan (Early Version)
The Cobra in the Dream
The Ghost in the Doorway
A Thunder of Trumpets
The Shadow of Doom
The Haunted Hut
Under the Baobab Tree
The Hyena
Black Country

Fragments, Drafts, and other Esoterica

Nekht Semerkeht
Untitled, “As he approached . . .”
The Abbey
Age Lasting Love (with outline)
The Devil’s Woodchopper
The Door of the World
Serpent Vines
Untitled Synopsis (Black Canaan)
The Isle of the Eons
The Brand of Satan
Dagon Manor
Dear Mrs. Shane
Fate Is the Killer
The Jade God
The Slayer
Through the Ages
The Wings of the Bat
Untitled, “ ‘You,’ said Shifty Griddle . . .”
Untitled, “Better that a man should remain . . .”
Untitled, “From the black, bandit-haunted mountains . . .”
Untitled, “I’m writing this . . .”
Untitled, “Old Man Jacobson . . .”
Untitled, “The matter seemed so obvious . . .”
Untitled, “The next day I was sluggish . . .”
Songs of Bastards
Bastards All!
Pictures in the Fire
The Dominant Male
Miss High Hat
Etched in Ebony
Untitled, “Arrange, Madame, arrange!”
Letter of a Chinese Student (1 and 2)
For the Honor of the School


A Rattlesnake Sings in the Grass
The Masque
A High Land
Whence Cometh Erlik?
Lost Nisapur
Abhorrent Gods
A Song of Praise
The Tale of Glory
The Race Without Name
Let me dream by a silver stream
My Animal Instinct
The Wind Blows
The Wind Blows (variant)

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