The Cimmerian


Grin, Leo, ed. Playa del Rey, CA: Cimmerian Press, 2004-2008.

Copies of The Cimmerian are housed at the Bancroft Library: California State University at Berkeley; Bowling Green; Ohio State University; the Library of Congress; and the Cross Plains Public Library.

The Cimmerian v1 #1 (April 2004)cimmerian_v1n1_deluxe

“Conan the Expensive” by Don Herron
 “The One and Authentic Cimmerian” by Darrell Schweitzer
“Napoleon’s Triumph?” by Gary Romeo
“Hell Needs a New Devil” by Leo Grin

The Cimmerian v1 #2 (June 2004)

“The Great Game” by David A. Hardy
“The Runyonesque Raconteur” by Mark Finn
“Dog in the Manger” by Richard A. Lupoff
“Small Poets Sing” by Robert Weinberg

The Cimmerian v1 #3 (August 2004)

“Cross Plains Memories” by Leo Grin
“Sacred Ground” by Robert Weinberg
“‘He Was Deadly’” by Don Herron

The Cimmerian v1 #4 (October 2004)

“Reverend Bob on Two-Gun Bob” by Ben Zoom
“The Last Temptation of Conan” by Robert M. Price
“The Ghosts of Fort McKavett” by Leo Grin

The Cimmerian v1 #5 (December 2004)

“After Twenty Years, A Landmark” by Darrell Schweitzer
“Hard-Boiled Heroic Critic” by Charles Hoffman
“Thirty Years as a Howard Critic” by Don Herron
“TDB Reviews 1984–85″

The Cimmerian v2 #1 (February 2005)cimmerian_v2n1_deluxe

“Howard’s Ruin” by Rob Roehm
“Inspirations from Life” by Gary Romeo
“Conquistadors of Doom” by David A. Hardy

The Cimmerian v2 #2 (April 2005)

“How the West Was Wondered” by Steven Tompkins
“A Gent Up Bear Creek” by David Gentzel
“A More Sincere Form of Flattery” by Rick McCollum
“Old Pickets Find New Homes” by Era Lee Hanke

The Cimmerian v2 #3 (June 2005)

“Born to Edit Boxing Stories” by Chris Gruber
“Frontiers of Imagination” by Rusty Burke
“Fight Stories Feeding Frenzy” by Mark Finn

The Cimmerian v2 #4 (August 2005)

“When You Wish Upon a (Wandering) Star” by ????
“The Mystery of the Treasure Room” by Rob Roehm
“Bundling Inscribed” by Joseph Linzalone

The Cimmerian v2 #5 (October 2005)

“Blood Lust” by Charles Hoffman
“Asgard, Vanaheim, and Cimmeria” by Leon Nielsen
“Trail of the Prophet” by David A. Hardy
“Small World” by James Reasoner

The Cimmerian v2 #6 (December 2005)

“Robert E. Howard in the Necronomicon Press” by John Haefele
“In Defense of ‘Little Boys’” by Donald Sidney-Fryer
“At the Mammaries of Madness” by Rick McCollum

The Cimmerian v3 #1 (January 2006)cimmerian_v3n1_deluxe

“The Note” by Rusty Burke
“Birth and Death” by Leo Grin
“REH and Guns” by J. D. Charles

The Cimmerian v3 #2 (February 2006)

“Birthday Bash at The Torch” by Rick Kelsey
“Lovecraft’s Southern Vacation” by Brian Leno
“The Fire That Spread Around the World” by Arlene Stephenson
“A Vulture Comes Up Snake Eyes” by Glenn Lord

The Cimmerian v3 #3 (March 2006)

“The Shortest Distance Between Two Towers” by Steven Tompkins
“‘Once I Was John Wesley Hardin!’ ” by Gary Romeo
“The Last of the Baker Kids” by Don Herron

The Cimmerian v3 #4 (April 2006)

“Indomitable Wildness, Unquenchable Vitality” by David A. Hardy
“Curly Elkins of Bear-Tooth Creek” by Rob Roehm
“Two Barbarian Usurpers” by Darrell Schweitzer

The Cimmerian v3 #5 (May 2006)

“Viagra for the Soul” by Gary Romeo
“The Lancer Legacy of Frank Frazetta” by Anthony Avacato
“Long Ago and Far Away” by Richard Lupoff
“Pseudo Boom” by Leon Nielsen

The Cimmerian v3 #6 (June 2006)

“How Robert E. Howard Saved My Life” by Bill “Indy” Cavalier
“A Look at Blood and Thunder”by Mark Finn
“COnun and TarZAN” by Don Herron

The Cimmerian v3 #7 (July 2006)

The Cimmerian v3 #8 (August 2006)

“Treasures of Our Own” by Danny Street
“Ur Gent” by Don Herron
“The Mysteriously Mysterious Jenkins Gent Mystery” by Damon Sasser
“Chasing the Grail” by Edward Gobbett

The Cimmerian v3 #9 (September 2006)

“Skull-Face and Others at Sixty” by John Haefele
“‘It Is My Desire’” by Don Herron
“Sailor Steve Meets Winston Smith” by Steven Tompkins
“Pulpcon 2006: Where’s the Howard?” by Morgan Holmes

The Cimmerian v3 #10 (October 2006)

“Robert’ll Be Famous Someday” by Don Herron
“Dog Brothers” by Steven Tompkins

The Cimmerian v3 #11 (November 2006)

“Beyond the Colorado River” by Leo Grin

The Cimmerian v3 #12 (December 2006)

“Robert E. Howard: Epic Poet in Prose” by Donald Sidney-Fryer
“Diary of a Bad Man” by Brian Leno
“Legacy” by Leon Nielsen
“The Robert E. Howard Foundation” by Rusty Burke

The Cimmerian v4 #1 (February 2007)cimmerian_v4n1_deluxe

“Underwood for the Ages” by Damon Sasser
“Adventure Days and Arabian Nights” by David A. Hardy
“The Would-Be Cimmerian” by Ben P. Indick
“On the Road to Cross Plains” by Chris Green

The Cimmerian v4 #2 (April 2007)

“‘I Suppose We Must Respect Him’” by Rob Roehm
“The Statement of S. T. Joshi” by Morgan Holmes
“The Fouling of Robert E. Howard” by Brian Leno
“‘Our Labor of Love’” by Leo Grin

The Cimmerian v4 #3 (June 2007)

“‘An Iron Harp Played Through a Marshall Amp” by Scott Hall
“Worms of the Frontier” by David A. Hardy
“The Father of Sword-and-Sorcery” by Gary Romeo
“‘Raising Kane” by Paul Shovlin

The Cimmerian v4 #4 (August 2007)

“Down the Rabbit Hole” by Brian Leno
“A Tale of Two Pulp Shows” by Morgan Holmes

The Cimmerian v4 #5 (October 2007)

“In the Footsteps of Two-Gun and the Kid” by Rob Roehm
“The Other REH Days” by Bill “Indy” Cavalier
“Sword-and-Soul” by Steven Tompkins

The Cimmerian v4 #6 (December 2007)

“The Thrill Of It All” by Joseph Linzalone
“Enter the Barbarian” by Morgan Holmes
“Star-Studded Conan” by Rick Kelsey
“Always Comes Evening, For Fifty Years” by John Haefele

The Cimmerian v5 #1 (February 2008)cimmerian_v5n1_deluxe

“Newer Barbarians” by Steven Tompkins
“How To Build a Better Barbarian” by Big Jim Charles
“A Statistical Analysis of REH’s Vocabulary” by Rusty Burke
“REH at 102″ by Rob Roehm

The Cimmerian v5 #2 (April 2008)

“The Feast Is Over” by Don Herron
“Jacques Bergier, or, The Man Who Also Discovered Robert E. Howard” by Joseph
Altairac, translated from the French by Patrick Dusoulier
“An Unhallowed Ritual of Cruelty, Sadism, and Blood” by Michel Meurger, translated
from the French by Patrick Dusoulier
“The Unnatural City” by Brian Murphy
“Conan and the Crusaders” by Steve Trout

The Cimmerian v5 #3 (June 2008)

“In the Middle of the Street” by Rob Roehm
“Coins of the Cimmerians” by Joseph Linzalone
“Six Degrees to Cross Plains” by Barbara Barrett
“Robert E. Howard in The Summit County Journal” by Ed Blohm

The Cimmerian v5 #4 (August 2008)

“Conan the Argonaut” by Morgan Holmes and George Knight
“Long Falls and Hard Climbs” by Steven Tompkins
“The Best Little Lore House in Texas” by Lee Breakiron

The Cimmerian v5 #5 (October 2008)

“When Yaller Rock Came to Chawed Ear” by Brian Leno
“Pigeons in the Darkroom” by Brian Leno
“Robert E. Howard in Fantôme” by Ed Blohm
“‘As Much Fort as Hotel’” by Rob Roehm
“Tag-Ends, Snatches of History, and Disconnected Bits” by Leo Grin

The Cimmerian v5 #6 (December 2008)

“The Nietzschean Herd” by Nicholas Moll
“Strong to Save or to Damn” by Steven Tompkins
“The First Posthumous Collaborator” by Morgan Holmes
“Shadows and Light” by Donald Sidney-Fryer
“Sword-and-Sorcery” by Don Herron