A Rhyme of Salem Town


A Rhyme of Salem Town and Other Poems, the first REH Foundation publishing project, is now available. This limited edition of the poetry collection has over one hundred poems not found in any other collection.Throughout REH’s life he was immersed in poetry, and loved it. He saw it for what it could be: stronger and more intense than prose, shorter and fierceer, and, when well crafted, generating a powerful and exacting emotional response in just a few moments. And so from REH’s very earliest days of writing, we see him writing poetry. Though his themes can be atypical of the form to most readers, his skills at the art were excellent.

The vast majority of REH’s poetry was not written for possible commercial sale, but because he truly enjoyed writing it. Presented in this book are some of REH’s non-commercial poems, previously unavailable to the general public, on such themes as civilization and society, history, horror, love of the sea, boxing, and other themes – a rich sampling of over 100 poems.

People are sometimes surprised or even shocked when they read the poetry of Robert E. Howard. In creating his stories, REH was working for a commercial market, and conformed his writing style somewhat accordingly. In those stories REH was allowing only SOME of his attitudes and thoughts of the world to filter through. REH’s poetry is a whole other animal; one not bridled or muzzled, one that focuses directly and unswervingly on its goal. So come read Bob, no holds barred. There’s lots of Howard emotion in these pages.

This book is printed in hardback with dust jacket, in a limited quantity of 300, and each copy is individually numbered.