The Last of the Trunk



The REH Foundation Press is proud to present The Last of the Trunk. Robert E. Howard generated an enormous volume of written works, around 3.5 million words. In his tiny room in his house in Cross Plains, REH kept a trunk to hold all his output that was still awaiting a sale, as well as works that were rejected, unfinished, something he especially wanted to save, or simply copies of early drafts that he would reuse the back of in typing up another story. At the time of his death, that trunk held literally tens of thousands of pages of material, all hand-typed by REH.In the early 1960s, Glenn Lord obtained the contents of REH’s trunk. He had the duty, pleasure, and challenge of sorting it all out, and to begin sheparding those works into print. Hundreds of stories and poems poured forth, to see print in assorted books, magazines, and fan publications.

Ever since the publication of Glenn Lord’s The Last Celt in 1976, collectors of the works of REH have been aware of, but unable to read, more than a hundred unpublished stories and fragments. A few were published in the intervening years, but not many.

Finally, in this volume, the last of the trunk is being revealed. Virtually all the remaining prose, complete or not, is included. More than 100 works appear in this volume. While this collection may not feature his most memorable or impressive work (those works are already in print), it does fill in lots of blank spaces for the scholars and collectors, and perhaps yields a little more understanding of this great Texas writer.

This massive volume, well over 650 pages and over 180,000 words, will be printed in hardback with dust jacket, in a limited quantity of 300 copies, and will be individually numbered. Cover artwork is by Tom Foster, cover design by Dennis McHaney.


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Introduction by Patrice Louinet

Sailor Steve Costigan-Blue River Blues; The Battling Sailor

Kid Allison-The Drawing Card; The Jinx; The Wildcat and the Star; Fistic Psychology; Untitled, “Huh, I was so dumbfounded . . .”

Other Boxers–Fighting Nerves; The Atavist; A Man of Peace; The Weeping Willow; The Right Hook; A Tough Nut to Crack; The Trail of the Snake; The Folly of Conceit; The Fighting Fury; Night Encounter; The Ferocious Ape; The Ghost Behind the Gloves; Misto Dempsey;

The Brand of Satan; Incongruity; The Slayer; The Man Who Went Back; Untitled Synopsis, “Hunwulf, an American . . .”; Untitled, “Thure Khan gazed . . .”; Untitled, “As he approached . . .”; A Room in London (Outline); The Shadow in the Well; Fate Is the Killer; The Grove of Lovers; The Drifter; The Lion Gate; Untitled, “Franey was a fool . . .”; The Ivory Camel; Wolves-and a Sword; Untitled, “I’m a man of few words . . .”; Untitled Synopsis, “James Norris . . .”; The Dominant Male; The Paradox; Untitled, “Mike Costigan, writer . . .”; The Splendid Brute; Circus Charade; The Influence of the Movies; Untitled, “William Aloysius McGraw’s . . .”; A Man and a Brother; Man; Pigskin Scholar; The Recalcitrant; Untitled, “Arrange, Madame . . .”; Untitled, ” ‘Yessah!’ said Mrs. . .”;

The Question of the East; In His Own Image; The Punch;

The Female of the Species; The Last Man; The Treasure of Henry Morgan; Untitled, “The lazy quiet . . .”; Through the Ages; The White Jade Ring; The Roving Boys on a Sandburg; Westward, Ho!; The Wild Man; What the Deuce?; The Land of Forgotten Ages; The Funniest Bout; The Red Stone; A Unique Hat; Untitled, ” ‘A man,’ said my friend . . .”; Untitled, “. . . that is, the artistry . . .”; Untitled, “I met him first . . .”; Untitled, “Maybe it don’t seem . . .”; Untitled, “So there I was . . .”; Untitled, “Trail led through . . .”; Untitled, “Two men were . . .”; Untitled, “When Yar Ali Khan . . .”; Untitled, “Who I am . . .”;

A Twentieth Century Rip Van Winkle; The Ghosts of Jacksonville; A Boy, a Beehive, and a Chinaman; Mr. Dowser Buys a Car; A Faithful Servant; A South Sea Storm; The Ghost of Bald Rock Ranch; A Fishing Trip; Friends; Ten Minutes on a Street Corner; The Wings of the Bat

Many of the items included in this volume were left unfinished by Howard or are incomplete.