Volume 1


The REH Foundation Newsletter is received by “Friends of REH” and “Legacy Circle” members (for membership options, go here). The Robert E. Howard materials contained in the Newsletters are high resolution scans of his typescripts or holographic manuscripts unless otherwise noted. Excess copies of the Newsletter are destroyed at year’s end.

Volume 1 [Out of Print]

#1, Spring 2007, prepared for publication by Dennis McHaney.
Contents: Photo of REH in Lincoln, New Mexico; “Letter from the President,” by Rusty Burke; “Another ‘Rattle of Bones’,” introduced by Patrice Louinet; “Rattle of Bones” draft (typescript with transcription).








#2, Summer 2007 (mislabeled “Fall”), prepared for publication by Damon Sasser.
Contents: Photo of REH shadow boxing; “Letter from the Secretary” by Paul Herman; Untitled Story (“The Seeker thrust . . .”), transcription only; Untitled Synopsis (“The Slugger’s Game”); Untitled Synopsis (“A Knight of the Round Table”); Untitled Synopsis (“General Ironfist”); Untitled Synopsis (“Sluggers on the Beach”); Untitled Synopsis (“Dark Shanghai”); Untitled Synopsis (“The Silver Heel”); Note for “Nekht Semerkeht” (“Hernando de Guzman . . .”); “A Boy, a Beehive, and a Chinaman,” transcription only; Untitled Poem (“Fill up my goblet”), transcription only; “The Builders” (3) verse, transcription only; Untitled Poem (“Brazen thewed giant . . .”) transcription only; Drawings (“Theme-real experience? Imaginary?”); Page 15 of “Nekht Semerkeht,” typescript.



#3, Fall 2007, prepared for publication by Paul Herman.
Contents: Photos of REH’s writing table; “Letter from the Secretary,” by Paul Herman; “The Search for the Desk of Robert E. Howard,” by Paul Herman; “While Smoke Rolled,” Pike Bearfield draft; Pg 1 of “Guns of the Mountains”








#4, Winter 2007, prepared for publication by Paul Herman.
Contents: Photo of REH as a child; “Letter from the Secretary,” by Paul Herman; “Pigeons from Hell” early draft; Sample from REH Poetry Index, by Barbara Barrett; List of Middle and Near Eastern Titles; Untitled Synopsis (“Guardian of the Idol”).








All excess copies of Volume 1 were destroyed at the end of 2007.