Volume 2


The REH Foundation Newsletter is received by “Friends of REH” and “Legacy Circle” members (for membership options, go here). The Robert E. Howard materials contained in the Newsletters are high resolution scans of his typescripts or holographic manuscripts unless otherwise noted. Excess copies of the Newsletter are destroyed at year’s end.

Volume 2 [Out of Print]

#1, Spring 2008; all volume 2 Newsletters prepared for publication by Rob Roehm.
Contents: Photo of REH in boxing stance; “Letter from the Board,” by Bill Cavalier; “The Cairn on the Headland” Draft A, introduction by Rob Roehm; “News and Events”; “Jeffries Versus Dempsey”; “Plains of Gilban,” verse; “Was I There?,” verse.








#2, Summer 2008
Contents: Photo of REH drinking beer; “Letter from the Board,” by Rob Roehm; “The Dwellers Under the Tombs” Draft A; “News and Events”; “Hyborian Map,” drawing; Letter: REH to Tevis Clyde Smith, Sept. 7, 1924; double ending to “The Dead Remember”








#3, Autumn 2008
Contents: Old photos of Cross Plains; “Letter from the Board,” by Rob Roehm; “The Black Stone” early draft; “Howard Days 2008,” by Bill Cavalier; Untitled Fragment (“the honor of Beffum.”), Glenn Lord transcription; Letter: Dr. I.M. Howard to H.P. Lovecraft, October 30, 1936; “And So I Sang,” verse.








rehf-newsletter-v2n4#4, Winter 2008

Contents: Photo of Bob; Letter from the Board, by Rob Roehm; “Ballad of King Geraint” (excerpt) verse, OSU transcription; “Zukala’s Mating Song,” verse, OSU transcription; “The Guise of Youth,” verse; “Roads,” verse; “Skulls Against the Dawn,” verse; “The Thing on the Roof,” draft; “The Nut’s Shell”; “Yellow Laughter,” Glenn Lord transcription; “The Commentary,” from The Junto; “The Rivals,” Glenn Lord transcription; “The Question of the East”