Robert E. Howard House and Museum


Interactive Tour

At, there is an INTERACTIVE TOUR of the home and museum.

The Museum/Project Pride

Project Pride is a community organization in Cross Plains, Texas, which bought and restored the Robert E. Howard home with financial support from REH fans around the world (and from the late Alla Ray Morris, who had inherited the rights to REH’s works). They now operate the Home as a museum in REH’s memory, and they love the opportunity to show it off for visitors. Bob’s room is particularly well done. It is not open on a regular basis, so it is best to make arrangements in advance by writing to the people at Project Pride.

While much has been done in the ten years since Project Pride first bought the house, a lot remains, and Cross Plains is not a wealthy community. Any support from REH fans — either through joining Project Pride, or through donations earmarked for the Howard Home — helps with the ongoing efforts to preserve Howard’s memory in his hometown.

Robert E. Howard Days

The community of Cross Plains, Project Pride, the Cross Plains Library, and the Howard House Museum set aside one weekend per year on which to celebrate their renowned author, Robert E. Howard. This festival, called Robert E. Howard Days, is usually celebrated on the weekend in June that comes closest to the date (June 11, 1936) that Howard passed away. The weekend features a variety of events, including tours of the Howard home, displays of original Howard manuscripts and antiques, guided tours of Cross Plains that show many places Howard frequented or mentioned in his Letters, trips to Howard’s grave site in nearby Brownwood, a banquet complete with keynote speakers, and much more. Hundreds of Howard fans from around the world travel to Cross Plains to participate in this annual event.

For more information or to arrange for a visit, write to:

Project Pride
P.O. Box 534
Cross Plains, TX 76443

or telephone:

(254)725-4993 or

or visit the Project Pride web page at