Heroic Fantasy


On the edges of the known world and in ancient kingdoms of blood and gold that history has forgotten, Robert E. Howard’s hot-tempered barbarians and cavaliers wield their red-dripping broadswords against the leering horrors of Hell. Combining lightning-fast action and supernatural thrills against a backdrop of shadowy antiquity, Howard pioneered modern heroic fantasy and fathered a host of towering heroes – Conan, King Kull, Solomon Kane, Bran Mak Morn and a legion of others.


The mightiest character in all of heroic fantasy! Conan is a free barbarian from distant Cimmeria who ventures into the splendid kingdoms of the south to find his fortune in the lost eons of the Hyborian Age between the sinking of Kull’s Atlantis and the dawn of history. Cunning thief, captain of mercenaries and corsairs, lover of sultry temptresses, Conan follows his destiny into demon-haunted treasure towers and across the plains of death. And at last, like Kull before him, he slashes his name across the scrolls of royalty as King Conan, usurper-lord of imperial Aquilonia.


Kull of Atlantis and Valusia – the barbarian who becomes a gladiator, the gladiator who seizes a magnificent kingdom from a mad tyrant and crowns himself king. In the dawn world of 100,000 years ago, Kull holds his throne against scheming conspirators, murderous rivals, and deadliest of all, the snake-headed Serpent Men who are mankind’s secret masters. He broods over the mysteries of eternity, shatters outmoded and unjust laws, and answers his enemies’ threats with razor-edged steel as his blood-brother Brule the Spear-slayer fights at his side.

Bran Mak Morn

Mightier than Gladiator and Braveheart, Bran Mak Morn is Robert E. Howard’s darkest and noblest hero. Venturing to Hell and back, Bran unleashes the infernal powers of the Worms of the Earth and unlocks the gates of time to bring the Roman Legions to bay in ancient Britain. Last king of the dying race of Picts, Bran Mak Morn’s spirit lives on forever to fight for his people’s freedom and survival.

James Allison

As he lies at the end of a short, sickly, and unremarkable life in 1930s rural Texas, young James Allison remembers a host of previous incarnations as mighty heroes, dauntless yellow-haired warriors who were the prototypes of all mythological heroes and demi-gods: Niord, who faced a grisly terror from the earth’s nethermost caverns in the Valley of the Worm … Hunwulf, wanderer in the Garden of Fear … Hialmar, the destroyer of Lemuria and champion of Ishtar … bravery undying in Howard’s strangest saga.

Cormac Mac Art

In the strife-torn age of King Arthur, Cormac Mac Art is an Irish pirate who plies his wits and his blade against the warring Saxons, Jutes, and Britons alike, for in a time of wolves, only the shrewdest wolf will prevail. Cormac would rather win the day through crafty deception than through swordplay. But when the swords come out, a faceless enemy abducts the last princess of Roman Britain, and vengeful Picts storm the frontier settlements of the Norsemen, Cormac and his bear-like partner Wulfhere Skull-Splitter are the first in battle.

Black Turlogh

Hated by his Viking enemies and disowned by his own Irish tribe in a blood-feud, Turlogh Dubh O’Brien is called Black Turlogh for the darkness of his hair and the storminess of his berserk rages. From the blood-splashed plain of Clontarf to the far steppes of the Yugoslavs and the island of the Dark Man, Turlogh’s restless spirit leads him on an endless quest. On the edge of the world, in the time-lost city of Bal-Sagoth, fate puts an empire in his grasp for an hour – then snatches it from him in an apocalyptic night of fire and fury.

Solomon Kane

God’s angry warrior, Solomon Kane is Robert E. Howard’s most unusual creation. Black-clad and steely tempered, Kane combines the headlong action of Conan with the swashbuckling valor of the Three Musketeers as he bestrides demon-infested Africa and the war-torn Europe of Queen Elizabeth I to dispense relentless justice with the point of his sword. Pirates, vampires, mad queens, winged Furies, rapacious bandits, the berserk warriors of lost Atlantis – evil cannot escape justice from Solomon’s slashing rapier.